I tried..

posted on: Friday, April 29, 2011


I tried not to get sucked into the hype about Wiliam and Kate and the royal wedding. I really did..and I did a good job too..sort of..

That is until my alarm blared at 6 A.M. and I bolted up to turn the T.V. on just in time to see Kate walk out of the car and didn’t lay back down until they were back at Buckingham palace. It’s history, it’s beautiful and it’s something positive and happy for the world to witness. Plus, I really like Kate. She’s so beautiful, lovely and poised. Watching her this morning reminded me that I need to get on this whole good posture thing. Plus, if I could look as put together as she does in public all-the-time, that wouldn’t be so bad either.

I figured it was only appropriate to drink out of the mugs we got for each other before our wedding day to caffeinate this morning. Adam is at work, so he couldn’t use his, but I might just make us drink out of these all weekend.

DSC_1175 DSC_1184


Yay, love!

  • Adorable mugs! Where did you find those?!

  • We got them at Hallmark about two years ago. :)

  • I tried not to get sucked in also, but I ended up waking at 2:50am to start watching (West coast). I’m so glad I did – it was such a beautiful event!

  • Haha, those mugs are cute.

  • I watched it too. I loved it! It was beautiful… they are beautiful!

  • I tried not to get sucked in too. But I agree with you its historical and its beautiful! And I really like Kate too.

    These mugs are very sweet!

  • I tried to not get sucked in as well- I think the intense obsession is ridiculous. That being said, i watched 3 hours of replay today…oops:) I love the mugs- where’d you get them?

  • i didn’t think i would really care either, but kate is so beautiful, and it was on EVERY. SINGLE. CHANNEL. this morning, so hey, i felt like i got suckered in. aside from some of the hats, it was gorgeous!

  • We have those same mugs! :)

  • I was going to ask where you got those cups but someone beat me to it! They are fantastic!! I’ll have to find some and put them in my “when we are married” box (or use them as boyfriend/girlfriend because they are too cute to store away) :)

  • Those mugs are so cute. My husband would laugh at me if I bought them. lol.

  • Oh wow, so early! Or late! Haha, glad you enjoyed it too. It was so beautiful!

  • Yes, Ilaria! They are. :) How was it in Italy? Was everyone going crazy with excitement?

  • I know, the 24/7 coverage was over the top and got annoying but the wedding itself was amazing. I’m so happy for them! The mugs are from Hallmark circa ’08. :)

  • I’m not sure if they are still being made, but definitely search for some! There are some other cute ones out there. :)

  • Ha, awww! I’m sure if they made you happy….well, he’d laugh for a second and pretend to like them. ;)

  • cutest mugs EVER!

  • We sold those mugs when I worked at Hallmark and I always thought they were adorable. I’m in complete agreement about Kate! She’s just so darn lovely.

  • Pasture!

  • Watch ya pasture, child. I’m working on it..still!