When I grow up..

posted on: Thursday, April 28, 2011

..I want to do this:

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Cary Brothers(first name: Cary last name: Brothers) was an amazing opener. I know him through the song “Blue Eyes” from the Garden State soundtrack. Brooke was incredible! She has the best stage presence and is hilarious. I was laughing so hard I was crying at a few points. She’s one of those people you’d just love to hang out with in real life because she’s that fun. I highly recommend you see her if she comes into town. Nights like that remind me of why I love music and how a part of me wishes I could make music for a living. It’s honestly hard to say that out loud sometimes, I get scared people will think I’m silly. But it’s the truth.

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That’s all.

  • This show looks amazing! I love Cary Brothers. I discovered them during Garden State, too! Blue Eyes was a song I’d make my fiancée listen to when we were in a long distance relationship, and told him it made me think of him. Cheeseballs, I know, but I love it.