I found the frozen girl scout cookies.

posted on: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I also found our hidden stash of Nutella.

DSC_1132  DSC_1137

..and then this happened..


Reminds me of when I was in Italy a few summers ago. I had a stash of Italian olive oil crackers and nutella in my room. I’d wake up from a nap and groggily grab both items and dig in, dipping the crackers in the nutella. I have no shame..it was amazing.

Mmmhmm, yep.

  • YUM! I have never tried Nutella before, but I must!

  • Oh, Kimberley. You must, must, must! Just a warning, it’s addicting!

  • my son absolutely loves nutella!! i don’t really care for it, but give me a girl scout cookie and i’m totally smitten!

  • Especially GS cookies that are covered in caramel, coconut and chocolate? Mmmmm.

  • I’m drooling. Samoas are my favorite!

  • Im jealous. We dont have Girl Scout cookies in Canada. We have Girl Guide cookies and they are not as good. We only have the mints and the sandwich ones. None of those other fancy ones.

  • that looks like heaven. great find, great find.

  • Oh my… I love love love love Samoas… and I love love love LOVE Nutella… just the thought of combining the two makes me want to get a pack of the former and a jar of the latter and go to town!

  • Have mercy.

  • I miss girl scout cookies!!!