Girls who wear glasses..

posted on: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The husband took one look at my glasses this weekend and declared “You really need new glasses.”

Yes love, you’re right, I do.

I bought my current pair pair three years ago from a $40 dollar glasses website (there’s a reason I only wear them at night these days).

So, I started looking for new ones and now I’m drooling over these..

201104252324.jpg 201104252324.jpg

201104252325.jpg 201104252325.jpg


{ Warby Parker }

If I’m going to get glasses, they’re going to be fun and cute.

The great thing about Warby Parker is they use the “buy a pair, give a pair” model which I just adore! I need glasses, but I can afford them. So many people can’t. This helps to solve the problem, one pair at a time. You also can try five pairs free before you order them and shipping is completely on them.

Winner, winner I-can-see dinner.

  • bahahaha “Winner, winner I-can-see dinner.”

  • ;)

  • Love the buy a pair/donate a pair! I’ve worn glasses for a long time, but didn’t really start wearing fun pairs until about five years ago. Now they’re a huge part of who I am! (Example: last time I wore contacts was my wedding day almost four years ago). Can’t wait to see what you choose!