Can we go back now?

posted on: Monday, April 25, 2011

We arrived home safely after about 11 hours on the road. We got ready for bed, laid our heads on our pillows and promptly fell asleep. I woke up and for half a second I thought I was still in the mountains..


Can we go back now? Pretty please?

I’m back to work and real life today, but really I just wish I was staring out at that view. I’m working on editing hundreds of pictures and will recap our trip very soon.

Until then, here a few pictures from this past week.








  • Aw, you went to Grandfather Mtn. That brings back so many good memories from my childhood. :)

  • That photo of the hanging flowers is soooo beautiful!

  • Yes, we did! :) It’s gorgeous. We hiked up to that bridge, it was so fun!

  • It’s my favorite one of the pictures from that day! :)

  • haha no way!!!! just saw your tweet….u were there too!!! crazy :)
    hope your Charlotte moving plans are working out, cannot wait to hang out

  • so pretty there! I love the mountains, and find that it’s so hard for me to leave!

  • Ditto, so hard to leave. Soon I will be very close to them though and for that I cannot wait! :)

  • Oh, I hope sooner than later!! :) Can’t wait to hang out with you too!