This week is going to be a good, good week.

posted on: Monday, April 18, 2011

I stayed up super late last night. Like, super late. At least for me and at least for a Sunday when I had to work the next day. I’m feeling quite foggy and definitely need another coffee. Luckily (depending on how you look at it, I suppose) I only work one day this week so I can take one sleepy day at work. I’m dreaming of our few days in the mountains with our favorite mountain dog Daisy and the family dog, Bo. We’re dog sitting while my mom and stepdad go out of town. Daisy’s a mountain dog that we think was pretty much abandoned. She spends her time between my mom’s place and the neighbors. She’s the best dog and if keeping her at home wouldn’t be such a bad idea, she would already be ours.

This weekend we picked up these beauts:


Note to self: Hiking boots aren’t supposed to be cute and that’s a-okay. As long as they save me from falling on my bottom while walking up a mountain.

They’ll last me a good few years of living much closer to mountains. We love to hike here, but it’s all flat. I can’t wait for a challenge. I tried running a week or two ago and couldn’t because of another pain in my leg. Since the heat is coming, I’m thinking of sticking to more walking than running and, when we move, more hiking. Also yoga, it’s been too long since I’ve taken a yoga class.

In other news, this weekend I finally figured out aperture on my camera. I’m learning, slow and steady. I took this picture at my in-laws.


Yes, that’s a mini barrel of bourbon.

Oh and I bought tickets to see Brooke Fraser next week. She’s my favorite.


{ Photo by Peter Meecham from Stuff New Zealand. }

I. Can’t. Wait.

Other exciting things this week? It’s my love’s birthday tomorrow. Yep, get ready for some nauseatingly sweet posts, cause they’re coming. It’s his birthday tomorrow and just three weeks until our anniversary.

It’s crazy to think we’ve been married almost two years already.

IMG_0938.jpg IMG_0926.jpg

{ Wedding photos by Cory Callahan. }

So, it’s going to be a good week. We may or may not end up in Charlotte for a night if he can set any meetings up but I like not having too much set in stone. A trip to the Biltmore is in store though, that’s for sure. It’s sort of a mini-vacation for us and is much needed since we probably won’t be heading anywhere for our anniversary. Well, we’re really counting this as our trip, we’re just celebrating a bit early.

  • Love your wedding pics- you are beautiful!

  • Yay! We’ll have to go hiking together sometime when you move here :)

  • Our photographer was amazing and you’re too sweet. I always joke that I’ll never look that good again and that’s okay! ;)

  • remember last night – errrrrrrrrr- this morning, when we were both tweeting about how lame we were for still being up?

    I woke up at 7:57 AM.
    My ride arrived at 8:03 AM.

    I’ll let you guess who is looking all “hott mess” today.

    in other news,
    and Anniversaries.
    and April Birthdays. [i am glad Adam can represent this fabulous month with the likes of me, and Caitlin, and PBFingers Julie – woot woot.]

    Things that would make this exhausing day better?
    Almond Milk Cappachino.
    & Norah.
    & You. duh.

  • Yes, please!! :)

  • Wow, proud of your skills! I got up around 6:45 and felt half-dead until 7:30 and left the house at 8:15. I added 100 layers of Garnier under eye treatment. It was much needed. But hooray for allll of those things!!! I so want an almond milk cappuccino right about now….yummmmm!

    P.S. I love your comments. :)

  • such beautiful wedding pictures :)

  • Thank you, my dear. We had a great photographer! :)

  • Holy cow those wedding photos are gorgeous! You both look like you’re having such a good time! Don’t you want to post more of them on your anniversary to show us? (Just sayin….)

  • Laura

    I’m a new reader from New Zealand and totally did a double-take when I saw Brooke Fraser, ha. :-) I love her voice too, but feel kind of bad now – I had no idea that she was even known overseas!

  • yay! Happy Anniversary! You are beautiful, ma’am! And Brooke Fraser— she’s ahhhhmazing!

  • Your wish is my command! I will definitely have to post a bunch on May 9th. :)

  • Ah! That’s so cool. She is definitely known over here but isn’t played on TV or the radio. I think a lot of people find her through Hillsong. I’ve loved her music for a few years now, so it’s long overdue that I see her in concert! Have you seen her live? So glad you’re reading. :)

  • Why, thank you very much. :) She is totally amazing.

  • Laura

    Yes, I saw her recently in her vineyard tour, it was amazing. (Sigh. Summer. Wine. I’m currently sitting in front of the fire! Winter seems to be coming early.) And I heard her singing back when I was at high school; I actually really love her early stuff. I hope you enjoy the concert! :)

  • Nick

    I made your blog! Also those pictures of Adam are a lot less creepy.

  • Oh my gosh, I read about that tour! So glad you got to go. It sounds like the perfect event! I can’t remember how I found out about her but I loved her first and second album as well. :) Thank you!