A dose of happiness.

posted on: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some of you may have noticed that I changed my banner. The flower is from pugly pixel. I think it looks a lot cleaner, although it still may change a bit. I’m still working on changing up my blog design so things will be fixed, tweaked, changed and rearranged over the next month. I’ll be sure to let you all know when it’s all up and finished. I’m trying to build and design it myself since I love putting the pieces of the HTML puzzle together and perhaps that’s something I can get more into in the future. As a post grad who doesn’t really want to use her degree, I take any interest in anything that makes me happy and could be a possible career choice. So I make a mental note to try things out. The skies the limit these days, right?

Some other things that are making me happy today:

Soy cappucinos.


This song.

{ I love music like this, the kind that just makes me want to live in my modest dream home with wood floors, the windows open, lots of natural light and this on the radio on a beautiful spring day. That’s my happy place. }



{ Also sneaking pictures while I know he’s snoozing during a 10-minute impromptu nap today. This may be one of my new favorite pictures of all time. }

  • That’s one of my very favorite songs. It never fails to put me in a good place! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Nick


  • oh, i just love anything from norah jones. she just makes me happy! and starbucks too. except i went for coffee with my hubby this weekend and had a pretty terrible caramel macchiato…don’t you hate it when that happens?

  • Katy – I did notice the new header, and I love the follow. I feel like it speaks to your blog and content. :)

    Cute picture during the nap!

  • I love the clean design of the blog right now:) Very springish:)

  • i love norah jones so much. i’ve got her scattered through all my playlist.

    i love the last picture too, it’s beautiful.

  • That last picture is just beautiful!

  • Love the new header girl. And love the creepy sleeping pic. It is really cute actually. I have so many of those creepy pics of my husband. haha

  • Absolutely, it’s my favorite daydreaming song. :)

  • Ha, I’m going to keep my mouth shut and let Adam respond. But thanks, friend.

  • No way! I hate that. I only got one pumpkin spiced latte and it was terrible! It had the strangest after taste to it and I could barely get through it. I was too scarred from that experience to try and order it again. I had my first caramel macchiato recently in a while and it was SO stinking sweet! I’m not used to the super sweet drinks anymore. But it was still yummy. Sorry you got a bad one!

  • Thank you Courtney!

  • Yes! I did some spring cleaning. ;)

  • Same here and thank you, I love it too if I do say so myself. Wish the husband liked me posting sleeping pictures of him more than he does, but oh well. ;)

  • Ha, that was my friend Nick above calling it creepy. Some say creepy, I say sweet. ;) I love it! Thanks Nicole.

  • Thank you!! I agree. :)

  • love Norah’s Sunrise. LOVE LOVE LOVE. it makes me feel ALIVE.

    also love that last photo.
    and last night I had an almond milk cappachino. DELIGHTFUL.

    i wish we were closer so we could have a girl date. xo

  • Exactly! Oh gosh, Starbucks needs to get almond milk! I love almond milk. I wish we lived closer too!! We’d find the best coffee shops and request they play Norah while sipping almond milk cappuccinos. It would be delightful.

  • Adam

    You know you photoshoped your head right next to mine