Summer Wardrobe Picks.

posted on: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have a wish list. A wardrobe wish list. It really helps me to find pieces I love and provides me with an idea of what I’m looking for or else I’m that deer-in-the-headlights girl walking around the store in circles with no clue where to start. Or I buy something and then never wear it. I get pretty overwhelmed at the amount of clothes in some stores and a game plan usually helps. Normally, I’ll grab Lucky or another magazine and save clippings from those for ideas, but thanks to the lovely internet, I corralled my wish list for what to wear in this hot hot heat.

I must start by pointing out that I’m currently obsessed with dresses and skirts. I was a tomboy as a kid, so this is a big deal. I just love how comfy a good dress can feel and I’m loving more feminine pieces lately.

Here are some picks from a couple of my favorite stores..

{ Forever 21}


I’m just about 5’9″ so maxi dresses are high on my list. They are so comfortable and so chic!


I’d love some light, feminine blouses that can be dressed up or dressed down.


{ Zara }

Zara’s been one of my favorite stores for a while and this season they’re taking the top spot. I’m in love!

I’m a huge fan of flats, I don’t do heels too often so they are my go to shoes. I would love a pair in every color. I love these camel ones and would also love some yellow and red flats.


I also love the sandals. Casual, but the bows add such a cute detail.


A dress for date night and a comfy dress for the farmer’s market.

201104131611.jpg 201104131612.jpg

This dress is sweet and romantic and I love how it looks with the belt. I’m also a huge fan of cardigans since most places here are freezing inside. I just really love that whole outfit. So comfy!

Not sure about white shorts, but I LOVE those tops!

201104131619.jpg 201104131620.jpg

Now, I just need one these and we’ll be all set.


{ Source }

  • haha I died laughing at the money tree picture, if only…….

    Love your picks! I have a wishlist too, when shopping online I save them in a file on my computer and I go look at the occasionaly to dream ;) But I usually try to find something similiar or if I like it and still want it for a long time I will buy it because that means I actually love it and will wear it more than once (which is a bad habit of mine)

  • Love this wish list, I think I need to write one of my own now!! I’m all about dresses and flowy tops this spring/summer too :) if you find a money forest, let me know!

  • funny that i didn’t really picture you as being 5’9″. great choices. i’m 5’11” so these would be on my list as well. just have to make sure some of those dresses are long enough. :p

  • I love your style – chic and girly – but no fusses and super relaxed. I’m in LOVE with that orange dress!

  • Seriously, oh money tree where art thou?! Have you tried! It’s so much easier than saving files on your computer. You save it right on the website. It’s my new favorite site. I agree, if you LOVE it and will wear it a ton (like cardigans for me) I’m more willing to buy it. I’m more careful these days what I buy. We’re on a strict budget!

  • You should! It really helps me put together outfits as I shop.

  • Apparently the model in the maxi dress is 5’9″ and she can wear wedges with it! Forever21 lists the height of each model which helps to get an idea of how it would work with your height! It helps a lot. :)

  • Thanks! I’m still developing my style but finding what appeals to me and making note of it on the blog and Pinterest has really helped me pin down what I like and don’t like which helps a ton!

  • All of that stuff is super cute, especially the blouse from Zara. I usually get mine from BR. The only thing I think I NEED this spring are some Gap wide leg trouser jeans.