Dearest April..

posted on: Friday, April 1, 2011

Dearest April,

I love you. Did you know that?

I love that feeling of having just turned another year older a few days prior.

I love that you are the month my wonderful husband came into the world and that I get another reason to celebrate him in my life.

I love that this is the last full month of my second year married to him, too.


{ May 9, 2009. wedding photos via Cory Callahan Photography. }

I love that you mean more rainstorms are coming. There’s something comforting about being stuck at home with a nice summer storm outside, where the only responsibility I have is to read a book and listen to the drops and rolling thunder.

I love that my momma’s dreams have come true and she is finally moving to the mountains of North Carolina tomorrow.



{ pictures from our trip up there one year ago. mom, looking onto her new home. }

I love that you are another month closer to our dreams coming true as well.

No fooling you on this blog today.

Just a love letter to April.


katy love.

  • Love the pictures of the mountains! My parents have a home in the NC mountains too. One of the best places on earth :)

    Happy April!

  • I love that wedding picture! There is some sunshine today and I am also loving April right now!

  • I love it! Can’t wait for that to be our weekend retreat when we’re up there. :)

  • Thanks! There’s sunshine here too, after a crazy week of rain! :)