posted on: Monday, March 28, 2011


I had a thought a couple of months ago, how our birthdays are kind of like our new years. At least it feels like that for me. Last year I turned 23 and a few days later my Grandfather passed away. So began one of the most difficult years to date. Probably the most difficult. Today, as I turn twenty-four, my new year begins. It will, as all years do, have it’s ups and downs. But I have a very good feeling about this one. I’ll be writing about this more this week. Including my “resolutions”(goals) for this year. Until then, I’m off to enjoy my birthday with the husband.

We’re off to the happiest place on Earth. Where it’ll be storming all day. No worries, I’ve got my rain boots on. Let the puddle jumping begin!


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it’s fabulous :)

  • Happy Birthday! I just turned 24 a few weeks ago, and so far I’d say it’s a good age to be! Have fun jumping in puddles today :)

  • Happy birthday, Katy! We went to Magic Kingdom last January (remember how COLD it was???) with our then 3 year old. It was drizzly throughout the day and was the best day I’ve ever had at Disney. The fast passes for the rides were for only 20 minutes later. Very short lines. My son got to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride 3x. It was amazing. If I could time it, I would totally choose to go to Disney on chilly, drizzly days from now on!!! Have a great time and a wonderful birthday.

  • Happy birthday! Enjoy Disney(I’m assuming that’s the happiest place on earth, although Whole Foods comes in a close second).

  • happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Katy!! Hope to see you soon and have an awesome day puddle jumping!

  • Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!!! I hope you have an absolutely great day at DLand and the rain won’t be too horrible!

  • true story: i woke up this morning, rolled over, looked at the wall and mumbled into my pillow…”happyburfdaykaty.” followed by my rolling over in the other direction, pulling the blanket over my head and whispering….”happyhousedayjulie.” what a special special day for some of my very best blends!

    I am SO WITH YOU on the birthdays = new years. For the last SEVERAL years, on the eve of my birthday, I have written a list in my ellusive green books titled “While I was XX…” (XX = age) in which I look back at the last 365 days, and fill in the things that had happened, and occasionally didn’t happen, that helped to define my character and growth.

    At this time, I also write myself a letter for the year, along with a list of New Years Resolutions/Goals.

    Then I usually eat some cake.

    Please jump in a puddle or two for me. I wish I was there to celebrate with you – I would buy you a balloon (with ears, of course) and force you to carry it from ride to ride. And we would see the Hall of Presidents. Duh. (it may be your birthday, but let’s not get ridiculous. No one is skipping the Presidents.)

  • I like that philosophy! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, Katy!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    I had no idea we are the same age (I JUST turned 24 on March 11)!
    I hope you have an absolutely lovely day. :)

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Dear Katy!!!!! :)

  • Happy late birthday, my dear!!! Hope it was awesome :) xo

  • Thank you, Heather! It was wonderful.

  • I did! I was the only one at Disney with rainboots. I had the driest feet in the place. ;)

  • The lines were nothing!! Except the Toy Story ride at MGM was packed, but I was surprised by that. We got Fast Passes for Rockin’ Roller Coaster but the ride broke when we went to use them. :( Other than that, it was a great day! Just super cold and rainy. :)

  • That’s true, but I got to the big Whole Foods the day before so I hit up both magical places within 24 hours of each other. It was a good weekend.

  • Thank you, Jess!

  • It was! Hope to see you soon as well!

  • Best. Comment. Ever! I love that you remembered my birthday in your half-awake state! It was a big day. :) I jumped in many puddles but would be lying if I said I went to the Hall of Presidents. I’ve been twice before though. I know, I’s no excuse! Don’t stop being my friend!! lol ;) Wish you were here to celebrate with me!

  • Thank you, Laura!

  • Thank you Gabriela, it was!

  • Thank you Courtney. Yes, we’re the same age! You’re just a couple of weeks older. ;)

  • Thank you Becky!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Thank you!! It was. :)

  • Happy (late) Birthday! I hope 24 is wonderful for you! XO

  • Thank you, Amber! I think it just might be.

  • I just realized that I missed your birthday.

    And I kind of hate myself for it.

    Seriously, I’m so sorry :(

    I hope that you can take this comment as my sincere apology, as well as a promise that next time I see you I am going to take you out for a beer and a cupcake (or 2 ;)). I mean it!!!!!!!!!

    One more thing. THANK YOU for being such an amazing blend. You have been such a huge encouragement to me over the past year…more than you even know. It’s still crazy to imagine that we wouldn’t never met if it weren’t for this little old thing called blogging, but I’m sure of the fact that God placed us in each other’s lives for a purpose!!! I’m hoping that that purpose involves us living closer to each other one of these days, hehehe. I could go on and on (clearly!) but work is calling….

    I. LOVE. YOU. Happy belated birthday once again, and pleaseeee forgive me for being such a horrible, forgetful friend :( xoxoxoxoxo G