Exploring My Style: Sara Bareilles.

posted on: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tonight we headed to dinner with my in-laws and then to a bar to celebrate another friend’s birthday. Yes, the end of March is a very busy time for birthdays!

I tried a clothing combo I’d been wanting to for a while. A couple of weeks ago I saw a performance of Sara Bareilles on YouTube and thought her outfit was really cute. She wore a gingham button up shirt and black blazer, two items I just happened to have in my closet but NEVER thought of putting together. I added a pair of skinny jeans and boots to complete the ensemble.

The result?



{via this YouTube video.}





I love it! Despite the 90 degree weather that’s taking over Florida, I chose to enjoy my blazer and boots for one last time. Yuck, hot weather, yuck!

I love being able to explore my style and try new things. Using inspiration from photos and stylish fashionistas that I look up to has really helped me put together items in my closet that I normally wouldn’t think of putting together.

It’s also pretty fun..

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, friends!

  • I LOVE the animation!!! Super cute!!!! What did you use to make it?

    About the outfit . . . I actually have a slightly dressier version of the same checkered shirt – sometimes I’ll dress it up and wear it with a suit (I admit I pop the collar). And other times I wear it with jeggings and brown boots. Kind of like you!

    What good taste you have! lol ;)

  • You look adorable!!!

  • Christine @Merf In Progress

    Super cute! I’m excited to ditch my blazers and boots, warm weather, please get to DC soon!

  • Thanks! Some people are just warm weather people. I’ve grown up with warm weather year-round and I’m pretty tired of it. It’s miserably hot already! Grass is always greener? ;)

  • Yay, thanks love!

  • Nice! :) I used Photoshop Elements to make the animation.

  • !! Such a cute animation.

  • I LOVE your outfit! It’s so cute! :)

  • Well according to Ashley’s facebook, birthday wishes are in order. So Happy Birthday!!

  • love the outfit! that’s def cute!

    and of course who doesn’t’ love sara bareilles? her newest album is currently never leaving the cd player in my car. i love bluebird!!!!

  • Joy

    I love love love the outfit and am trying not to be jealous of the weather as I sit here on yet another day with snow on the ground!

  • I know. :( There’s a happy medium somewhere. I’d almost like more cold weather before it gets cold, but that’s because it’s never gotten super cold here. I WANT more seasons though so that I can really appreciate the warmth. I hope you warm up soon!

  • sara’s fan from toronto

    You forgot to do your hair ! :)

  • True! It was more of a “take a style of someone you admire and put your own spin on it” sort of thing. :)