I feel it all, I feel it all..

posted on: Friday, March 25, 2011

Yesterday was wonderful. I met up with my mother-in-law and Adam’s grandparents for a day at the beach. I have the most splotchy sunburns to prove it. Oh, it never fails(and yes, I do wear sunscreen). Oh well, it was worth it. Although, windy days at the beach aren’t always the best. Don’t let this picture fool you.


Sometimes, you just have to laugh about the umbrella flying across the beach and be thankful there were no innocent bystanders knocked out by it. You also have to learn to laugh at being smacked in the face by sand. We did laugh, a lot. I blogged, I relaxed and then headed home. After a shower and change of clothes, I headed over to my sweet friend, Amy’s, place. A few of us girls got together and ate pizza, drank wine(and cherry coke) and ended up talking blogs for a while. I introduced a few of them to Pinterest and had a great night.

Today has been a little rough, I’m a bit emotional these days with everything so up in the air. It makes everything else feel a whole lot worse. I may or may not have had a good cry already. But I’m fine. When things feel sucky, I have to stop and think “when I’m on my deathbed, will this really matter?” the answer is NO. So, in reality, I have no reason to frown.

Here’s your music break this week, this is another one of my happy songs and makes me dance whenever I hear it. I hope it helps you welcome the weekend with open arms. It’s my birthday weekend friends(my birthday is Monday), and I plan on living it up in my own little ways.

{Directed by Patrick Daughters.}

Happy weekend to you all. I hope it’s wonderful and makes you want to dance. If it doesn’t then grab yourself a cupcake, listen to this song, take two orange tic-tacs and call me in the morning.

That should work.