Blogging from a beach chair..

posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reading material.




New friend.




Today, life’s a beach..

The only thing missing is the husband.

I’m at the beach today with my mother-in-law and her parents and it’s lovely. I just wish Adam was here with me.

..and yes, I really am blogging from my beach chair. ;)


  • I love this! This is me in a week!! Enjoy the sunshine. :)

  • I know you’re really eager to move but you have to admit blogging from a beach chair is a huge bonus of living in Florida!!!!

  • oh you are a lucky girl! enjoy the warm sand under your feet; it’s my favorite thing about the beach!

  • Thank you. I hope you enjoy your sunshine break next week. :)

  • It’s a bonus, but I’ll admit it, I’m a bit jaded. I grew up near a beach my whole life. I’m ready for mountains and lakes. :)

  • And here I am living near Mountains and Lakes and longing to get back to the Beach! :P It just goes to show you . . . the grass is always greener!

    In all seriousness though – I’ve mentioned in the past how we’re desperate to get to Vancouver. And we’re still not there. I think we both just have to have faith that God has some higher purpose. :)