Monday Music Playlist.

posted on: Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspired by the lovely and wonderful Heather, I’ve put together a Monday playlist for those of you who get the Monday blues, like me.

I. love. music.

I really, really, really do. I love the power it has to soothe the soul and tap into memories. It also has a way of comforting me and bringing a smile to my face and making me utterly and completely HAPPY.


SO, here’s my choice of tunes to get the corners of our mouths curving up on a rough day:



This list is ever changing and growing. There are plenty of songs that I love but don’t own yet so I may have to post a part two at some point. Hopefully this will get you started. Are any of these on your happy music list? Recommendations are also most welcome.

All right, friends, crank up the tunes and those smiles. It’s going to be a good day.

P.S. I added a new tab on my homepage since I dusted off my Formspring, so ask away!

  • Music is what makes me dance as I walk alone, I may or may not have solo dance parties in my car :)

  • Music makes me incredibly happy too. I love your list, especially Dave Matthews Band, Sufjan Stevens, and Ingrid Michaelson. Have you listened to Guster? I love them. Airport Song is my favorite.

    especially the Dave, and the friends theme ;) I can always count on you and Julie to get my Friends references ;) “Bloomies” (oh gosh, I love Doug Benson in a not quite understandable way ;) )

  • Great playlist :) If you like Matt Wertz, do yourself a favor and check out Dave Barnes & Ben Rector! great stuff :)

  • Great playlist Katy!
    How did Adam’s meetings in NC go? I’ve been thinking/praying for you guys.