I take that back..

posted on: Monday, March 7, 2011


So, I unpublished the last post.

The best thing about writing here, is that there’s no pressure.

Or, there shouldn’t be.

I rushed to get a post out and edit it like crazy after it’s posted. Why? I unpublished my latest post so that I could write it from my heart. It’s sort of like working out. I get into a great habit of it and then it becomes pressure and “oh no, I better get it done..or else!” No ma’am, that’s not happening with this blog. This is my outlet, it makes me so happy to write posts here when I just let it happen. My goal is and has been to post every weekday, but I can’t guarantee when and I can’t guarantee it’ll be every weekday. Life happens. :)

That’s all!

Hope your Monday wasn’t as crazy as mine was.


Remember, some people are just negative people and want to bring that negativity to you. You can refuse it and choose positivity.

I had to do that a few times today. Positivity: 3 Negativity: 0.

Trust me, I’m not always a super happy, positive person 100% of the time (just ask my husband), but I strive to be. I want to be SO much. It takes work in the beginning to keep a positive outlook. With God, my family, and my friends, it’s happening a lot easier. Don’t give up your happiness, exude your positivity and a smile. It’ll not only make you feel better, it’ll make others as well.




*photos from my d.c. trip around this time last year, can I go back now? please?

  • I agree. Positivity takes WORK but it’s SO rewarding! Love the pics. Love D.C. So much so that I’m moving there, haha.
    Hope you have a good rest of your day!

  • Lucky! It’s so, SO beautiful there! I loved it so much. I hope you have the best time living there.

  • Love it!

  • Beautiful post, Katy. Loving the positivity!

  • Love the pics!

  • Beautiful post, and you look so happy in your pictures- I love it:)

  • Nick

    You can come back to DC, but you have to bring Adam.

  • Love this post! Have a wonderful week!

  • Adam

    That’s true, she does have to bring me.

  • What was the last post about? Now my curiosity is going crazy!

    Did I see you mention you got a job?! Congrats!!!

  • Oh, it wasn’t anything crazy. Just a post about my day on Sunday but it felt really forced. I actually haven’t gotten a new job, I’ve been working part time doing administrative work at an office about 2-3 days a week. :)