If *blank* is the worst thing to happen to you today, then..

posted on: Thursday, March 3, 2011


So this is one of those weeks were it’s so easy for me to be in a funk because of everything I have on my plate. Last weekend was just SO exhausting and I felt like I never had that much needed break that I usually get on the weekend.

I’m an introvert(which surprises a lot of people). Okay, according to Myers-Briggs* and I’m technically almost 50/50, but I definitely lean towards introvert.

To put it simply, introverts get energy by being alone. To be around people constantly drains us. I love being around people, but if I am constantly around people without some down time, it wears me out. I’m definitely a homebody.

After a not-so-relaxing weekend, dinner with a friend Monday night and girls night watching the Bachelor (yes, yes I do watch it), I was hoping last night would be a restful night.

Not so much.

I had a great run and felt awesome, until my head flooded with the following:

– It’s your turn to bring food to bible study tomorrow night. Baked goods. You love to bake and have to make the perfect something or other or else people won’t be impressed! THE HORROR!

– When I can fit x , y, z into the next few days with zero time.

Meghann is leaving town and you must, must, must see her before she goes! Must. Tomorrow night before bible study.

– Bible study is at 7.

– You don’t get home until 6 from work, when are you going to eat dinner?


That was the progression of last night which was followed by me baking, for 2 hours, cupcakes that aren’t that great and still aren’t iced. I had to sub oil and applesauce for butter since we were out of sticks and halved a recipe that was prepared super rushed. In baking, you don’t want to rush. Almost two hours later, I wasn’t happy with the recipe and felt exhausted and beat up. My night was pretty much gone from me and I had no time to really relax before going to bed.

-Bad attitude ALERT!-


Adam calmed me down a bit as we fell asleep.

I woke up this morning and did some p90x shoulders & arms (the only DVD of the program I’m doing at the moment) to get a workout in since it’s great to ease stress and I knew I wouldn’t have time later.

On the way to work I heard something that I’ve heard before but today, it seemed to stick.

The woman talked about how, when she gets a bad attitude, she stops and thinks to herself “if this is the worst thing to happen to me today, then today is still a pretty good day”.

If I have to buy a store bought dessert to bring to group tonight, if I only eat Jeremiah’s for dinner so I can see Meghann before she goes, if I don’t get to relax at home tonight until 9 then, you know what? Today is still a pretty great day and I’m blessed.

Perspective and changing a few things around seemed to help immensely. I’m not super woman, after all. ;)


{ all three photos via weheartIt.com }

How have you overcome the stress of a busy schedule? Or do you like staying super busy?

I like being busy but having a balance as well. When life is out of balance, my emotions get wonky!

P.S. It’s bake sale day..go bid! I made a tasty ad widget/blog button offer. ;)

*I’m INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test, in case you were wondering! :)

  • Great post, girl! That quote is really helpful to get some perspective.
    And I’m just like you, I need my down/ alone time or I don’t feel like I’ve fully relaxed.

  • Emily

    I am such an introvert too! I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have time to myself and to relax every night. I don’t mind being busy during the day, but I’ve gotten into such a routine of unwinding with my bowl of ice cream! nom nom nom.
    Love this outlook though; things could be a lot worse and I should be thankful that my “stressors” are so minimal

  • alexis

    I thought you were nf too because you are so deep and kind-hearted! I love it! :) I played the adele song about ten times off your blog last night. I hope you have an amazing weekend…Take care of yourself and your relationships ;)

  • Hi Katy! I am taking Indie Business 3.0 with you and found your blog through the “getting to know each other” discussion group. I live in Charlotte, NC and I see that you are moving here, so I thought I’d check out your blog and say hello!

  • I’m very much of an introvert too. I’m a huge homebody and get stressed out when I have too many commitments that involve leaving my apartment. When I have a ton to do, I always try to wake-up extra early to fit everything in, and I try to make sure I have time to decompress and relax before bedtime.

  • I am sorry you had a rough night- but it is true. It all begins with our THOUGHTs. If we think good,positive,high-energy thoughts, our actions will then follow in such fashion. Looks like all you really need (and did do!!) is take that negative energy and swap it with some positive thoughts. Have a GREAT night!

  • I’m like you – pretty 50/50, but definitely need alone time to “recharge”. People don’t get it, because I’m “talkative, social, and outgoing”. It’s not about liking being around people or not, it’s about where you draw your energy. When you have weeks with commitments most nights and weekends spent traveling, there’s no time to recharge!

  • Exactly, I always have a great time once I’m with friends and never regret the time spent with them, but without balance I start to become less and less “me” and just more worn out. Those are the nights I have to just take off, because I have zero energy. I had to do that the other night even though friends were getting together. I would have been no fun, I was so exhausted!

  • Absolutely! I love how you started the comment with “rough” night and ended it with “great” it’s all about our thoughts and it really takes a huge effort to refocus our thinking on the good. We’re allowed to be in a funk somedays, but most of the time we feel off for things that are so little! The night was great and I got through it and felt so good once it was done! I have a few more commitments and Saturday night, the weekend begins for me. ;)

  • Thanks so much! Definitely. I feel like we just need time to be still and reflect and just breathe! I’ve always really appreciated my alone time.

  • This is the sweetest comment. Thank you so much! Glad you love that song too, it’s SO GOOD! Thank you for the encouragement, I hope you have an amazing weekend as well!

  • Hi Lauren! I love meeting new Charlotte friends. I already know a great group of bloggers up there and it’s so fun to know someone in Charlotte doing indie biz! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m going to explore yours a little more today, you have a beautiful etsy shop!

  • Absolutely, making that extra time is so necessary!

  • I adore the images… Especially the positive thoughts one… How did I not find this blog sooner? You seem like a girl after my own heart.


    Hannah Katy

  • Oh, fantastic. I love that! Great name, by the way. ;)