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posted on: Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear, Adele.

You’re incredible.

Love, Katy.

I’m a little obsessed with this song at the moment.

I can’t believe she’s only 21 and her first album (Chasing Pavements, anyone?) was recorded when she was only 19. It blows my mind.

Here’s her single “Rolling In The Deep”.. love it!

  • Ooh, her voice is so strong! I love it. I hadn’t heard of her before so thank you for sharing. Interesting music video in that she never moved from the chair. I don’t think I’ve seen one like that in a long time.

  • (Just found your blog through Kyla’s sponsors post – I’m adding you to my Google Reader now!)

    I’ve actually never heard anything by Adele, but this makes me want to change that very soon!

  • I’ve been listening to nothing but adele since tuesday! someone like you is literally stuck on repeat! love her!

  • Oh, thank you SO much! Oh yes, listen to some of her stuff. I also love her songs “Hometown Glory” and “Cold Shoulder” but all of her songs are amazing.

  • Seriously, if I had a voice like that I would just sing to relieve stress. Her voice is so powerful! While I don’t quite get the ninja, when the music speaks for itself, I don’t think you need a crazy music video! :)

  • If you like Adele, you HAVE to listen to “Someone Like You” from her new album. It’s so beautiful and has such a haunting message that everyone who’s been heartbroken can relate to.

  • Gabriela & Emily- Oh man, it’s SO powerful! I just love music with amazing lyrics that bring up so many emotions. That’s why it’s so difficult to listen to the radio these days!

  • I already loved her, but this new album is even better than I could have imagine. She is so incredible.

  • last night, Adele was on Chelsea Lately. It made me love her SO MUCH MORE. She is sassy and smart and beautiful.

    and the interview made me think of you. and this post. and how much i love you. and your blog.

    the end.

  • Oh, I’ll have to find a clip. I love that it made you think of me, so sweet. Love you and your blog too. :)

  • I love Adele! She has an amazing voice.