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posted on: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I’m very random. My thought process is very complex and many a time Adam has stopped, looked at me and said “Where did THAT come from?”. It’s true. I promise it came from something we’ve talked about at some point in the last 24 hours. Gosh, he should pay a little more attention. ;)

I feel like blogging many thoughts, so I thought I’d start a little segment full of my random thoughts.

So, here we go. Some random things about me.

I am currently sitting in Starbucks, applying for jobs and getting things done.


Of course, this also means that I am blogging and tweeting as well.


I have a brown spot in my left eye. It doesn’t effect my vision, it’s not a burn mark from where the built-in laser comes out (yes, I was asked if it was that, middle school boys…), it’s just a color. My Dad likes to say it’s a little piece of him that I carry along with me. He has brown eyes and mine are blue/gray/change all the time. My grandpa actually had two different color eyes which I think is so neat.

I don’t understand Spring..yet. We go from super cold weather for Florida to 80+ degrees. Back home, in Ft. Lauderdale, it’s even worse. You go from having a winter of MAYBE 60 degrees and then BOOM..it’s 95 again. You northerners think it’s wonderful, I hate it. Really hate it. Before you know it, winter is gone and summer is here. I can’t wait to relish in the warmth of Spring, in 70 degree weather. Not 80’s..almost 90’s. Bleh.

I’m pretty tall, about 5’9″. Adam is tall enough that I can wear heels, which is perfect sized. Our kids are going to be tall ones.


{ engagement photos via Cory Callahan }

Our studio apartment is currently a bit messy, hence moving my office somewhere else. We’re reorganizing, cleaning out things and trying to prep things to make it easier when we move. We are also down one dresser so we really had to downsize.

Sara Bareilles just popped up on my Pandora, singing “In Your Eyes”. I mean come on, seriously? It’s SO GOOD! I love music. I mean really, really love music. I love to write it, sing it and attempt to play it. I own a guitar and one day will finally learn to play it. I’d also love to learn to play the piano. I sang in the worship band one summer for Campus Crusade for Christ on my campus at UCF and performed “Fever” for my voice recital. I love that song. It’s pretty sassy.

I’m growing out my hair, I want at least 6 more inches and I’m still LOVING being a brunette. I may even go a little darker next time.

I met Andie MacDowell. Okay, sort of met her. Here’s the story: we were driving up to North Carolina and stopped in Georgia for some chick-fil-a (YUM) and a bathroom break (necessary). Well, a lady who had just stepped out of the bathroom stepped right back in to ask her friends what they wanted for lunch. I was standing there waiting my turn and I looked at the lady. Andie. If you know how small the bathrooms are, they are tiny. We were practically within three feet of each other. I was a bit star struck and didn’t have the nerve to say anything and she hurried out before I could. Oh my gosh, she really is THAT beautiful in real life and VERY tall! It just so happened that we had watched Groundhog Day the week before.

I love the color yellow. Oh wait, you know that. But seriously, I’m really loving it.

I could spend hours pinning things onto Pinterest. Whenever we buy a house, I’m going to be set with inspiration.

I have a pen pal! Okay, I know her through mutual friends and we’ve talked for a while but we’ve decided to be pen pals. I love writing an organic, natural letter. No typing. Just me, some beautiful stationery and a pen. It’s strange how I’m so not used to writing a whole lot. I need to start writing more! It’s just so fun to receive a letter that someone took the time to write. I love it.

I want to start my own creative business someday. I have plans for a few different projects that will remain side projects for a while. I’m taking a course called Indie Business 3.0 run by some amazing bloggers/small business owners. I really respect these women and know I will be able to learn so much from them. I can’t wait to dive into the course.

Photo 84.jpg

See? Random.

Back to work, I go.

  • Hi! I found your site through Kyla’s ~ I love puddle jumping too :D It drives my husband absolutely nuts. I can’t wait until our son is older so I can teach him the ways of the puddle jumper … I’m in Indie Business 3.0 too, I’m really looking forward to the class!

  • Ha, I had to get used to it! I put them on for the first time on a rainy day and my husband just looked at me and said “you don’t have to skip the puddles..” it was like a whole new world was opened up to me. I just had to jump in them! Not walk on them, jump. So much fun! :)

  • I absolutely love Sarah Bareilles’ “In Your Eyes”. You clearly have great taste in music! ;)

  • I love stationary and actually writing with pen on paper. I carry a notebook (or two) with me everywhere. I think something about pen and paper increase creativity in a way a computer just can’t.

    I am really interested in the Indie Business course. I am starting my own business as an administrative consultant but I feel like I want to incorporate some creative aspect to my work as well. I think that might be just the kind of course I need but not sure I be able to jump in this time around. I hope you will do a review or something!

  • Oh my gosh, it blew me away Kelly! I’m glad to see you have great taste too. Looks like I have a concert buddy in Charlotte now! ;)

  • Absolutely. I LOVE notebooks but (and this will sound so silly) I sometimes have a hard time writing in them because I know I will probably cross something out or I think my handwriting should look perfect in it. Okay, just writing that makes me sound ridiculous. I guess it’s like when a beautiful dessert is placed in front of you and it’s almost too pretty to eat. Goodness, I need to start writing in my notebooks! Thank you for inspiring me on that.

    As for indie biz, I have many ideas for a business but no real plan or set plan on what exactly I want to sell so I’m really starting from the beginning. It was very intimidating wondering if I should spend the money, but I think this is going to be the perfect program to pull my ideas out of me and get my goals on paper. I think the price is SO reasonable and, if you can afford it, so worth the investment. Just hearing the stories of the teachers, I know they are going to teach us in a couple months what took them years to learn. I’ll definitely give my review of the course when we’re finished and probably as we go through it as well. :) Thanks Jessie!