Hometown Glory.

posted on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday I drove the 3 1/2 hours to my hometown of Ft. Lauderdale. I came to see my mom as well as my aunt and cousin who are here from California.

I spent most of the drive listening to “American Wife”. Adam could only take so much of it. If you’ve read it, you’ll understand why. I’m starting to get into it now. It’s a bit different listening to a book rather than reading it yourself but I’ve heard amazing things, so I’m hanging on and may check out the book from the library when I get home.


{ From our drive up to NC, this is obviously not Florida. }

Mom just happened to be in Tampa yesterday for the afternoon and called me up as we both headed south.

Mom– “Hey, where are you?”

Me-“I have about 110 miles to go.”

Mom-“Oh okay, well I’m going south on the turnpike now.”

Me-“I’m going south on the turnpike now!”

Mom– “What mile marker are you passing?”


Mom-“I’m at 192!”

We ended up making a pit stop I could use the restroom and met up there. Too funny, normally she’d crossover a little more south but it was fun to see her a little bit early.

Mom and I ate sushi and then came home where I reunited with my cat, Romeo. I’ve had him since I was 10-years-old and begged my mom for him for Christmas.


I can’t believe he’s already 14-years-old.


He likes to use me as a bed, scratching post, etc.




IMG_0982.JPG IMG_0981.JPG

He completely nested on me last night as we watched a little HGTV.

And he’s currently on my lap at this very moment.


I miss having an animal around. We’re not allowed to have a dog where we are right now, but the second we move we’re adopting one from a shelter.

We honestly cannot wait to be dog owners!


In other news…

Yesterday I was featured on the lovely Angela’s blog for her segment, “Real Wedding Wednesday“. She interviewed me about my wedding as she begins planning hers! Check out her blog, it’s super cute. You can read the interview itself, here!

My mom will be home in a couple of hours and we’re heading out to eat at my favorite place down here, D’Angelo. Amazing pizza and a great outdoor seating area for this gorgeous weather.

  • My cats live with my mom now too, I miss them so much!

    Have fun on your visit!

  • Love the pic’s! Have a great visit with everyone, and enjoy your dinner out with your mom:)

  • i read your wedding post, it was a sweet story! i loved the picture of you getting your hair done, really cute!


  • Thank you so much, we had a great dinner. :)

  • Thank you so much for reading it. :)

  • Thank you, Katy!! You are the best. I love going home and reliving those precious childhood mem’s. :) cheesy but true.

  • Yeah .. i agree it so sad to miss your lovely cats.:(