Sweeter days.

posted on: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some days are better than others.

For no good reason.

Today was just a “blah” day. A “why haven’t we found jobs in Charlotte yet?” day, a “when will I not live in a studio apartment?” day, a “what am I doing with my life?” kind of day. You know those days, it’s okay that they happen. It’s natural.

But, I fully believe in making the very next day after a rough one as sweet as you can make it.


So, tomorrow I am waking up early, reading my bible, going for a run (or going to the gym), getting my hair done and then nestling into my new favorite coffee shop with a cup of jasmine green tea. I will blog, read blogs, write a letter, finish some projects, start some others, and take a deep breath.

Then, I will come home, change and when Adam gets home we will join my parents in-law for my father-in-law’s birthday on Park Avenue. My favorite street in Orlando.

The sun will be shining and I will be smiling.


Tomorrow is going to be a much better day!

  • These sorts of days are challenging, and it’s really to snowball into a bit of frustration or depressed feelings. Way to be positive and remind yourself that tomorrow is a brand new day!

  • Here’s to a better tomorrow, Katy!
    It sounds like you have a wonderful day planned – you deserve it!

  • I’m sorry you had a bad day yesterday! I hope today is much better for you! :) Whenever I get upset or stressed during a hard time, I try to remember, “this too shall pass.” Things WILL get better. Even though it feels like it won’t, it will. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. :)

  • I’m sorry about the bad day. I feel you with the job situation. It flat out just sucks. I keep trying though, and that is all you can do too. Just keep trying. Something will come up soon!! Hopefully, for the both of us!!

    hugs, lady!!!

  • good for you for deciding how to make a better day. i’ve had a few rough ones recently, too, and i admire your attitude…definitely the make-or-break factor of how to “survive” life! cheers to the bible, a good jog, and some quality “me” time.
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  • They are challenging, it’s a fight to push through them and make a clean slate for the next day. Writing down these things, made yesterday SO much better! I pretty much stuck to the plan(sometimes I get lazy) and it was just what I needed to feel great again!

  • Thank you so much, it was a wonderful day! :)

  • Yes, for the BOTH of us! Let’s put our positive thoughts together and we can rule the world. Or work.. ;) It’ll happen for us soon, I can feel it!

  • Yes, it was a wonderful day. Definitely write down some things that will cheer you up. I know the gym makes me feel better and getting some running in, but I often get lazy and put it off. Having the list helped me to go do it and I felt so much better! Positivity is an exercise of the mind, it’s not always easy but it gets easier! Hope you have some better days ahead!

  • Hey Katy,

    I found your website through the Indie Biz Workshop class that I am taking too! So excited for it to start! Anyways, I just wanted to comment and hope that you did have a better day. I’ve had so many of those days lately too and just wanted to encourage you along too. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. I understand the job thing as that’s something I struggled with for a long time and I finally got a new job, so there is hope, even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Just keep on keeping on, is all I can say. It’s not what you want to hear at the moment, I know, but you will make it through. :-)