Making healthier choices.

posted on: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some healthier choices are being made in our house lately.

It seems, during the time when everyone is making resolutions and working on still keeping them, we’ve been pretty lax on making healthy choices.

Since being sick and going through a rough patch, I’ve barely done any exercise and haven’t been as concerned about what I’m eating and I’m paying for it! I’m not talking about weight here, but more how I feel physically and emotionally.

Here are some little things I’m working on:


Working on perfecting my dancer pose? ;)

  • Moving every day, even if it’s just for a nice, long walk.
  • Drinking less coffee and certainly less caffeine. Good thing I love me some herbal tea!
  • Eating more fruits & vegetables.
  • Most importantly, eating more WHOLE foods and less processed food.
  • Drinking lots of water.
  • Getting outside more, even just to take some pictures.
  • Writing things down more. I never write things down and things sneak up on me, which definitely causes lots of stress. I bought a nifty little planner and plan on using it a lot this year.
  • Taking time off the computer and a break from t.v. We usually keep the t.v. on a lot, even just as background noise. We had a period of time a couple months ago where we only put the t.v. on an hour or two a day and it was WONDERFUL! We listened to tons of music, read more and it was just better!
  • Not letting little things stress me out as much as they do. I can choose to let things bother me or I can take a deep breath and realize that everything will work out. I’ve dealt with anxiety issues most of my life, so this is a tough one, but so important. That’s another reason why I need to take it easy on the caffeine. It only tends to make it worse.*


Things going on are getting better but my body is desperately needing to be taken care of. Thankfully, I’m feeling better already. I haven’t had full-caff coffee in a few days and I’m not missing it at all! Woohoo!


  • I really need to get organized because I’ve been having anxiety over a lot of stuff lately.

    I think you’re pretty :)

  • Hi Katy! I’m one of your Indie classmates! I’m slowly trying to check out classmates blogs, it’s neat to see what everyone is doing.

    By the way, I use to drink lots of coffee but what has helped me is only having one cup in the morning, then mid morning or later in the afternoon I’ll have a big cup of green tea with a little milk. What I like about the green tea is that it gives me some energy but if I don’t drink any I don’t feel cranky (as is the case with coffee).

    See you later!

  • I keep forgetting what’s coming up and it’s a huge source of stress, I definitely need to work on keeping track of everything so nothing is last minute. I think you’re pretty too! :)

  • Oh gosh, I have such huge issues dealing with stress and the things I can’t control! It’s so hard sometimes to just sit back and take a breath and realize that we are not in control…and things will work out no matter what, so it’s not worth stressing over. :)

    Easier said than done, I know!

  • Another Indie 3.0 student stopping by to say hello! Good luck with all your healthier choices!

  • These are great goals!!! What I love most about them is that they are REALISTIC. I’m so done with people making resolutions that are completely unattainable!

  • We almost always have the TV on too, so I’ve been doing the same thing recently! Its so nice to sit and knit or read with just music on.

  • I grew up in a home where the tv was ALWAYS on. It’s a habit I brought with me when I got married and moved out- and I hate it. I always have to have the radio or the tv on for the background noise. Do you have any tips for turning it off?

  • It’s hard, I LOVE having it on as the background. I would study with the TV on, I can barely sit still when it’s too quiet. Some things that help are sites like Pandora and Groove Shark. I don’t find music as bad, the radio is hard though. Find some light music like the Brett Dennen station on Pandora, or Jack Johnson. Having it on quietly enough to hear it well, but still be able to focus. I find, when I find a good station to have on Pandora, I can just let it play and go on with my day and don’t miss TV. When you find yourself reaching for the remote, think of what’s on T.V. that you want to watch. Is it nothing or do you have a certain show that you just love. If it’s the latter, watch for just that show and then turn it off. If it’s nothing specific and you just want to flip around, try resisting and putting music on or reading a good magazine. It gets easier. It’s just a bad habit to break. As I type this I have a Friends DVD playing. I’m working on it too! :)

  • Absolutely. Why set myself up for failure? I’d rather pick GOOD goals that are realistic! :)

  • Aw, yay! Hi! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get to know you and the other students better!