Almost-home away from home.

posted on: Monday, February 7, 2011

I’ve been pretty quiet over here finishing up the trip to Charlotte, driving home all day Saturday and then a busy Sunday with church and football.

We had a productive time in Charlotte, but not as productive as we had hoped.

One thing I loved about staying at our hotel in Charlotte was the fact that it felt like a mini-apartment and included a kitchenette.




It was a huge help to be able to cook delicious dinners. We saved a ton of money and only ate out once.

We used one jar of sauce to make delicious gnocchi from Trader Joe’s and sausage with peppers and reused some shredded parmesan cheese. We also made sandwiches for lunch everyday using delicious asiago cheese bread. Oh man, so SO good. I can’t wait for TJ’s to be a regular shopping staple.



The people at our hotel were SO nice! It was such a pleasure. We also had free breakfast every morning, which helped our budget a ton.

The one night we did go out, we met up with Caitlin and her hubby at CowFish. We’d been planning on going no matter what thanks to a Living Social deal we had for them.



I heart Caitlin.

There’s a reason why she comes here a lot, this place is incredible! Adam got a bento box that included edamame, sushi, a slider burger and sweet potato fries. The food was delicious and really not over-priced. This will definitely be a regular spot for Adam & I. I’m literally making a list. We also found our cupcake place. Important research went on during this trip, I tell you.



While we LOVED going out to eat this night. It definitely felt amazing to feel “normal” and not eat out every single meal.

It’s honestly getting more and more difficult to leave. Home is where the heart is and my heart is more and more in Charlotte. Not much luck yet on the job front, although thanks to suggestions from the husband and friends I now have a project that I am working on which will hopefully work for me as a job for a while. Fingers crossed!

Have you ever moved to another state as an adult? What was your experience like? It seems to be super tough during this economy to get a job, especially when it’s in another state!

I’m still looking on the bright side of things and I’m excited for new projects.¬†Trusting in God’s timing and not my own is difficult, but for me it’s totally worth it.

“Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed, are so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road.” – Katy Perry “Firework”

  • Glad to hear that you may have figured something out job-wise!

    You’ll love having TJ’s so close to you. I do all my grocery shopping there – it’s wonderful!

  • I’m sorry I missed you again when we were in the same state. Can you believe I still haven’t been to Cowfish? I think I have to go very very soon. I hope everything works out and your relocating works out perfectly for you.

  • Don’t be sorry! We only saw Caitlin and Kristien. It would have been difficult to plan something, so the next few times we are up we’re trying to focus on work and house stuff. Hopefully we’ll be settled and moving up there soon! :)

  • I moved from PA to FL when I was 24. I had just gotten engaged & my fiance lived in FL. It was such a strange experience to quit a “perfectly good job” and start over in a new state. right after we got engaged I started looking for work in FL. It took until 3+ months for me to find something, but before I knew it, I was putting in my 2-weeks and packing up my apartment. It was an easier experience for me, I think, because Ryan was already there – meaning all I had to do was find a job. Everything else was in place already. Needless to say, it’s almost 7 years later & everything worked out perfectly! I hope you and Adam have a smooth experience and get to your new city without any major hurdles!

  • I love when hotels have a little kitchen. It saves so much trouble in eating meals!

    I don’t think moving to college counts :) But I’m sure the right opportunities will open up for you at the right time. Like you said, God has his own timing for you!

  • Tell me more about your projects!! I miss you!

  • I’m SO glad it all worked out for you! It’ll definitely work out for us, it just may take a little longer. :) Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  • I would LOVE to! :) Let’s gchat asap.

  • Definitely, it’s so nice knowing what it’s in every meal and saving the money! Thanks for the encouragement, friend! :)

  • Annnnnd, now I’m hungry! Great blog!

  • Ha, yes! My mission is complete. ;) Thank you so much!

  • I wish I had advice. The only time I’ve moved more than a city away was when I came here to go to college and my friends that have moved were moving because of jobs so I feel worthless in the helpful hints department. I’m sure you’re already doing this but maybe utilizing the friends you’ve made up there… they’ve all got their own connections. Even if it’s just a job you take part time to get you guys there and then you can look for something more permanent while at least having a bit of cash flow. Is there an Anthropologie or Lululemon store up there you could do something low pressure at?