On the road and caffeinated..

posted on: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We are on our way to Charlotte! We won’t be there until very late but, no worries, we have plenty of caffeine to get us there.

Yes, that would be the new Starbucks’ trenta. Thirty ounces of delicious iced coffee. No worries, we’re sharing this baby.

We are currently listening to American Wife on CD. So far, I love it! See you in Charlotte!


  • I heard about the new Sbux sizes but I haven’t seen them until now. That’s a whole lot of coffee. I’d be stopping every 5 min with that baby! :) Safe drive Katy. :)

  • I haven’t tried the new Trente but I did read American Wife a couple months ago. LOVED. IT. I hope you will too! And good for Adam for listening to it with you! I don’t think my husband would have been agreeable to that!

  • A new starbucks size!?

    Even though I probably won’t see you, I’m so happy knowing you’re closer :)