Yes, I would like s’more brownies, please.

posted on: Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear 2011,

You listened and we had an amazing weekend. I told you things were looking up. We didn’t make s’mores and we didn’t watch movies. Oh wait, we made s’more brownies. Which are sometimes better than the real thing. Yes, yes I will have s’more brownies please. Lots more.


Saturday we at ate our typical spot. There’s a comfort in mini-traditions.


We went shopping (okay, I went shopping), went to a wine tasting with Adam’s parents and ate dinner on Park Avenue.


This picture is from a previous visit to Bosphorous, a Turkish restaurant on Park Ave. We can’t go to this restaurant without devouring one of these every time.

At least this time four of us split it, though Adam and I can take care of one of these warm, bread pillows on our own. Easy. In fact, last weekend we went just us two and after they sat this baby at our table(we were sitting outside) a lady walking by stopped and asked us if we were going to eat the whole thing. I looked up, smiled and said “watch us”. Granted, it’s hollow in the middle and not the biggest loaf of bread you’ve ever seen but it’s warm, buttery and delicious. Especially dipped in hummus.

I’m hungry.

Sunday included church, a little farmer’s market browsing where Adam spotted a pug (the man is obsessed with pugs).

We also sat at a new (to us) coffee shop and got some work done and then headed home to hang out with our church’s youth group.


Our weekends at home are pretty laid back. With all of the stress of life going on, we needed a good weekend and I’m so relieved we had one! This week will hopefully be wonderful as well, we’re off to Charlotte for a little visit. Mostly work, not much play, but I’m excited to just get away and hopefully see some friends while I’m there. I’m just praying we have a little more of a grip on this whole moving thing. We’re looking for jobs, looking at homes, and trying to get more things set in stone. We shall see how that goes!

Hope you are all surviving your Mondays! I’m at work and so far the day hasn’t been too eventful. I’m learning to really appreciate uneventful days at work!

  • Sounds like a good week. I’m envious of your relaxing weekends. I’m also curious, why are you guys moving? I thought at first it was for a job but this sounds like not so much. Is your family up there? :)

  • I think I’d gladly work on weekends if I loved my job as much as you! I’m envious of that. ;)

    Nope, not for a specific job. We just knew we didn’t want to settle in Florida and had a bunch of “we could literally go wherever we wanted” conversations and we know this is the perfect time for us to find our forever city where we can buy a house and settle into. We threw out NYC and Boston for grad school, I dreamt of living in Northern Cali, etc. But when my grandpa passed away last year, it made us realize how being closer to family was super important to us. We decided to stay within driving distance of Florida and since my mom and step-dad are moving to the mountains at some point, we began looking at North Carolina first. We kept options opened and went to visit Raleigh and Charlotte last April and just fell in love with Charlotte. We don’t want to move until we have at least one stable job that can support us, so that’s where we are now! :)

  • I love chill weekends. Sounds like a perfect time.

  • Fun. Nate and I have thrown that conversation around a lot too. I really like Orlando though so we’ll see if anything ever actually happens. I have this urge to move to the Pacific northwest but I’ve never actually been there so I might hate it. :)