Dear 2011

posted on: Friday, January 28, 2011


Dear 2011,

We’ve had a bit of a rocky start but don’t sweat it, that’s life. It’s a roller coaster. Let’s turn that frown upside down and make the rest of the year better. Sound good? Good! Let’s start with this weekend.

Even if all we do is be lazy and watch movies. I have high hopes that the movies will be great and the snuggling will be aplenty. Throw in some s’mores made in the oven and lots of laughing and we’ll be on the right track. The weather is already sounding perfect and I hope to be outside as much as possible when we’re not watching movies and getting melted marshmallow stuck to our hands.

2011, you’re about to become so wonderful, I can feel it. Sure you may have some more rocky times, but we can handle it.

love, me

  • Great things are coming your way… i just know it!

  • Pretty pretty photo :)

  • Cute post. Hope things get better for you! Love the positive outlook!

  • I absolutely adore your photos and blog :) I read your old one and was so glad you continued to blog after your mini hiatus!I have to say, im really loving the content of this blog and your new focus on life in general..and all of the amazing photos you share!
    I just got a canon 550D so i cant wait to start taking some photos (once i find in my final semsester in college so all my time is taken up by school at the moment) and reading your blog always gets me super excited and inspired!

  • prettyyy girl