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posted on: Monday, January 24, 2011

This week & weekend has been hard for many reasons. Let’s just say a lot of things are weighing on my mind and my heart. It was a very low-key weekend and I didn’t take many pictures. While things haven’t changed, I have. I choose to look into the positive and trust God in every situation and I’m starting to feel much better. When those anxious and worry-filled thoughts flood your mind, it’s up to you to take control of them. It’s been a huge lesson for me to learn and I feel like I’m growing up already! I cleaned the house yesterday and the husband brought me a chai tea latte. It’s the little things, right? Life is good and it’ll get better if I just let go. So…I’m moving along to good stuff.

My blog makes me happy. It’s one of my “happy places”. I get so excited when I think of the possibilities and how much I love writing and sharing my life and loves with you.

I wanted to cheer myself up and thought I would just make a happy list(I love lists) but also wanted to give some recognition to the talented artists and creative minds that fill the pages of Etsy. The perfect way to brighten my Monday is to list some adorable finds from talented shop owners.

These makes me happy:


{via Petek design}


{via sparklepower}


{via a little thistle}


{via Silhouette Blue}


I actually own this one thanks to a Christmas gift from the hubby.

{via August Blossoms}

Do you have any Etsy recommendations? I’m thinking of making this a weekly feature. I love, love, LOVE handmade and vintage items. I could browse Etsy for hours and would love to shed some light on these great shops!

  • Lindsay S

    I have a great etsy rec! My friend Kelly, from high school, has an awesome page. She does beautiful woodcut prints and other lovely things. She was just the etsy featured seller a couple weeks ago! Here’s the link: http://www.box64studios.etsy.com

  • Awesome! I’ll put her up next week. :)

  • i happen to ride a bright orange bike :) those cards are super cute

  • Oh my goodness, do you really? I love those cards too. I just love stationery and there’ just something I love about the bike.

  • I love Etsy too and used a lot of their stuff when I was planning my wedding like my garter and my table numbers. I can’t remember who I bought them from, but everything I bought was beautiful. :)

  • Great idea and I bet everything was one of a kind too!

  • I LOVE Etsy. It is so easy to get sucked in browsing for nothing!

    I have a necklace from this shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PoleStar and I love it!

    I love my August Blossoms camera strap too! :)

  • I love the La La Love You Print. So cute!

  • Awww, praying for you! Get up here soon!

  • Thank you so much for the feature!!!! You made me happy too !
    You are welcome to visit me anytime for more happy things! keep smiling :)

  • Aw, I’m so glad you saw this post! You’re welcome and thank you for making beautiful prints!