{ date night. } mini-golf

posted on: Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of the best things Adam can do is text me, in the middle of the day, and say “don’t worry about dinner, we’re going out”.

It’s like music to my ears. I’m not just saying that in the hopes that he reads this and does it more often. Really, I’m not. ;)


Yes, only in Florida will you see “live gators” on a mini-golf course. As we paid for our game, the gentleman asked if I would like to hold a baby gator for $4.95. I politely declined. He then told me to put my arms around my husband. I did. He then asked if I was willing to hold my husband, why not a gator? My husband let’s me hug him for free and there’s no risk of him chomping my hand off.

Both of those facts are stated in our vows, of course.







The correct form is *very* important in miniature-golf.


Once the ball is hit after a leg-poppin’ swing, one must spin in a circle (counter-clockwise) and hop on one foot. Works every time. Par perfection.




I must also include my dessert which was half of a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on a chocolate vitamuffin.


Oh, yes.

  • I think we drove past that place when we were in Orlando…or maybe there’s 100 of them there? I remember because Brad is terrified of alligators so I pointed it out to him. I also threatened to put the baby gator from the hotel lobby aquarium in his bed one night. ;)

  • If it was by that cylinder-looking hotel, then yep! That was it. There’s a bunch of mini-golf courses, though. They are just babies and sadly, one was dead. :( They had to fish him out. There’s something so wrong about that! You can lie though and tell him we found one on the golf course and almost got eaten by a baby gator. Just to give him the nightmares. ;)

  • Was dessert at home? I don’t know what a vitamuffin is, but if it’s a healthier substitute for a regular muffin, I’m interested!

  • Yes, that was dessert at home! I just linked the vitamuffin website above. It’s 100 calories and literally like a muffin top. It’s delicious and has tons of vitamins in it! I don’t feel as guilty eating it, knowing I’m getting some good stuff too. Especially with this pesky cold!

  • Mmmm vitamuffins! my favorite! I just tried them for the first time like 2 weeks ago!! BOGO at publix, yeah!!! ;) Looks super yummy. Alligator Alley… down in south FL…. early in the morning… you can cross that and see all the gators you want for free :) Or a $1.50 toll. ;) And they’re HUGE!

  • Caitlin

    Yum! I love vitatops..I love the blueberry one!

    Your outfit is super cute as well!

  • How fun- I love mini golf. I stink, though!

  • Date Night is so fun! We try to do these once a week but it’s so easy to run out of ideas. It seems so much easier in the summer when there is more you can do outside. Mini golf being one of them.

    Glad you and Adam had a great night together.

  • Hahaha I might have held the baby gator, just for a good photo-op…although I’m rather attached to my hands, so I don’t know if I could have gone through with it. Sounds like a fun date night, I haven’t been mini-golfing in ages!

  • I love how mini golf starts out all fun and innocent and than it gets all competative!!