Hello, rain! See you later, weekend.

posted on: Monday, January 17, 2011


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! Adam has to work at home today since his office is closed and I’m working on getting things done around the house. We were thinking of having a picnic lunch, but that is what Central Florida looks like at the moment. Yep. So, it looks like we’ll be picnicking indoors today.

We began our weekend on Saturday by heading over to Starbucks for coffee and quiet time. Some of my favorite time in the world.


Hello, husband.


I caught him mid-sentence. He’s not always this angsty.


On Saturday’s, we like to have lunch at Beefy King in Orlando. It’s quickly becoming a Saturday afternoon tradition. The best roast beef sandwich this side of the Mississippi.


Since I was still feeling pretty worn out we ate dinner in and decided to walk around Park Avenue, my favorite street in Orlando. Sense of smell and taste buds beware, they have just opened a Kilwin’s.

DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0003.JPG

We enjoyed a little dessert and walked a bit more before heading to a local wine bar to enjoy a glass. It was a nice, relaxing evening and just what we needed.

Sunday morning involved church, a relaxing day at home and volunteering as leaders for our church’s youth group which we LOVE.

I must say, I miss the weekend already. I hope you all had a wonderful one as well!

  • Those strawberries look soo pretty, I hope they were yum!

  • What a fun Saturday tradition! My boyfriend and I loove Kilwin’s… he is a sucker for their ice cream and I like the chocolate covered pretzels!

  • Sounds like a lovely weekend. :)

  • katie p

    it looks like you cut your hair short in the picture of you! it would look super cute if you did :)

  • omg we have a kilwins here and i had noooooo idea that’s what it was!! amazing!!!!
    i’m in jacksonville, we had the same weather here all day too :( it’s nice for a couple hours but it’s been like that since this morning for us!

    we love going to starbucks, too!! :) love that pic of you, you’re so pretty!

  • Yum, yes. Super expensive? Oh yeah! Adam just told me they were almost $5 EACH! That may be our one and only splurge at Kilwins. Yikes!

  • Oh yeah, Ang! Kilwin’s is amazing. Just walk in there for the smell, I’m telling you. It smells like chocolate, waffle cone, sugar happiness. Sorry you’ve had bad weather as well, but it’ll hopefully be beautiful the next few days, you know, when I’m at work! ;) Thanks for the sweet comment, I appreciate it. :)

  • Delicious! I wish it wasn’t so pricey. Apparently we ate $10 worth of chocolate covered-strawberries in that picture!

  • Ha, ah! That would be SUPER short. No, no..growing my hair out this time! But thanks. :) I miss you and your blogging Katie. You should start writing again. ;)

  • It definitely was!

  • Tini

    I love the picture of your Bible and that you are reading “Desiring God”! It’s always so refreshing to hear of other peoplr’s quiet time. How do you like the book so far? And what kind of Bible do you have?

  • I just started “Desiring God” but so far I really, really like it. I’ve heard it’s definitely convicting so I can’t wait to delve deeper into it! I have an NIV bible, I really enjoy that version. :)

  • Those chocolate covered strawberries look SO good! I hate that they are so expensive but they are worth every penny :)

  • First, I LOVE the pic of you at Starbucks!! And second, Kilwin’s looks awesome. I was obsessed with how many cute little sweet shops they had on Park Ave!!

  • Yes! I’m glad he just told me though, because I enjoyed them a lot more not knowing the price. ;)

  • Thanks Gabi! Yes, I love it there. We there A LOT! It’s just fun to walk around and explore. Saturday mornings, they have a farmer’s market a block or two away, it gets packed!

  • My fiance and I are going to check out Beefy King today. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Make sure you go soon! They close at 3 today. :) I hope you enjoy it!