Mr. Snowman

posted on: Friday, January 14, 2011

I think we have next year’s Christmas card pictures down.




After Christmas and trips to Asheville and Charlotte, we headed back up the mountain to my mom and step-dad’s place for New Years Eve. On New Years day we loaded up the car and started the hike back to good ol’ Florida. But with the snow starting to melt and stick, we knew it was time to build our first snow man ever before we hit the road.


Even if that meant throwing Adam’s hoodie over my PJ’s and slipping on my wellies first. Then right before we left I raced to take a couple more pictures with my phone before we pulled away. Snowman doesn’t look as friendly when his tree branch mouth falls off. He was just sad we were leaving. So were we, snowman, so were we.



Happy weekend, everyone! I’m hoping to get out of this house for most of it. I’ll be back blogging on Monday!

  • Evan

    That was your first snowman ever?! I forget snow isn’t a common thing for people outside of NE. Glad you guys had fun and got photos to commerate him(her? It?).

  • Ha, yes! I’m a Florida girl, born and raised. This was practically a bucket list item. But no worries, soon we will live where it snows and I will be able to cross a lot of things off my list! Oh, and it’s a he. See the mister?

  • Nick

    Can I request a Christmas card with Adam hugging the snowman?

  • You can request it, yes. It’s been noted. ;)

  • I haven’t built a full blown snowman yet! :) I’ve gotta put it on a list.