The Honeymoon Phase

posted on: Thursday, July 21, 2016


Okay, to be honest, some days I look around and I feel like I’m living on a movie set. This is still so stinking surreal, it has barely sunk in at this point. As I wax poetic about living here in Manhattan, I feel the need to mention that I’m completely aware that I’m probably (or definitely) in the honeymoon phase, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Screw cars! Walking is the greatest! Holding heavy grocery bags for five blocks is great exercise! Getting caught in the rain (which has happened more in the last few weeks than I care to mention) is romantic and not at all uncomfortable! Broken train? Adventure!

Life isn’t perfect here, it isn’t perfect anywhere, there are times that it’s hard and just…different. But even so, I still absolutely love it and I still pinch myself every time I’m walking around town and just observing. I’m soaking up every ounce of this honeymoon phase. From what I hear, even when that ends, it doesn’t change your love for this city. Even people I know who have moved away miss it and those who are a bit more seasoned in living here still love it as much as I do, probably even more so.


posted on: Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Friends apartment in NYC

“Your first year in New York is one of life’s great gifts, though there is a solid chance you won’t realize it until much later. Keep a journal. Even if you’re not a writer — who among us is not a writer in some form these days? –keep a journal about your first year. Write down everything you see and hear and how you feel about it. Paste in fliers (do people still make fliers?) and receipts and movie stubs and all the other flotsam generated by your activities. If you’re here any length of time, everything will begin to feel normal and you’ll forget just exactly how amazed and dazzled and confused (HOWston St.?) you were by it all.” -Glynnis Macnicol

The quote above came from this article filled with thoughts and advice for recent New York transplants given by people who have lived in the city for at least ten years (the time, they say, it takes to be considered a “New Yorker”). It was published on Man Repeller the day we left Charlotte. Perfect timing, huh? I loved reading it while in the middle of actually becoming one of those transplants. My favorite piece of advice was that bit above from Glynnis Macnicol. I got the best kind of butterflies while reading those words. It made me especially grateful to have this blog to record everything I can. I think I’ll even start writing some of these memories on paper, just for myself. I already have a little envelope to hold onto mementos from the year.

We’ve officially been NYC residents for 18 days, which is crazy for me to think about. I definitely planned on being back to posting here sooner, but I didn’t really think too much about how much of a transition this would be. As thrilled as I am to be living here, this city is still a huge adjustment. I mean, of course it is. We’re finding our new routine, exploring our neighborhood, settling into our apartment and the city, and I’m working on finding a job. There’s a lot of re-situating going on, you know? We’ve been working on this move for a long time now and for that entire time I’ve felt unsettled. I can’t remember the last time I actually felt settled somewhere and not in a time of transition. The settling process here feels like one big, long exhale and it feels good. Really good.

I have so much to talk about it that this post could easily become a novel, so I’ll try and pace myself over the next few weeks. I’m just happy to have this blog to record this time in our lives, because I know there will be so many details that I’ll forget and I really want to remember this as much as possible. I guess, for this first post as a NYC resident (yes, I’m obnoxiously noting every “first”), I can sum it up with this: I’m so happy to be home.

Less than 48 hours

posted on: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Empire State Building From The Highline

So, wow, tomorrow is our last full day in Charlotte which is just downright insane. The waiting feels like forever but when the time comes, it feels like it flew right on by. Most of our to-do list has been crossed off, but the more real it’s becoming, the more stress is starting to take over. We’re just having to remind ourselves that it’s all going to be okay and we’re going to get there. It’s happening!

Fried egg, Fried Hay, Friday

posted on: Friday, June 10, 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina Ice Storm

(photo of Uptown from back in January when ice covered Charlotte)

Happy Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans? We’re still plugging away on getting our apartment packed up and ready to go, though we’re surprisingly close to being done. Well, as much as we can be done packing with three weeks left to go and the need to still function as normal human beings (cooking, not living out of a suitcase for a month, etc). We’re hoping to have everything ready to go the Sunday before we leave, so we’ll only have to live out of a suitcase for a little under a week. There’s quite a bit left on our to-do list, so hopefully we can cross somethings off in the next week. Still, with everything left to do, I’m thinking we need a fun Charlotte weekend. We have been spending our last couple of weekends getting things done, which has been great, but with all of our progress the last couple of weeks, some fun and play in the Queen City sounds like just what we need. After all, there are only 20 days, 23 hours, and 15 minutes left before we move, but who’s counting?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!