Taking Stock

posted on: Thursday, July 24, 2014


Making: our house beautiful. We had guests one weekend and traveled the next, so the house was in a bit of disarray.
Cooking: slow cooker beef using a Rick Bayless sauce. Have you tried his sauces? So amazing. We love them and probably use one a week. Also, whoever created the slow cooker is a genius. One appliance that I have no problem making room for.
Drinking: coffee and water. Working on getting my gallon in for the day. I also have a La Croix problem, but it’s water so it’s not a problem…..right?
Reading: The Circle Maker. Actually, rereading. We’re studying it in my church life group. It’s a favorite of mine, so I’m looking forward to studying it a little bit more.
Wanting: an adventure and a change.
Looking: forward to a weekend at home, with no plans. I love travelling and hosting family, but I also love the mundane weekends with hours to do whatever we so please.
Playing: Food Network episodes on my computer. We don’t have cable, so that’s how I get my cooking-show fix. Yes, I understand how cool this makes me sound.
Wasting: an hour of my life for an unexpected emergency trip to the dentist in a bit. Sigh.
Sewing: a tiny hole on the front, right leg of my jeans that ripped when I was carrying a large metal bin filled with giant Jenga. My life.
Wishing: that cancer didn’t exist.
Enjoying: life with my husband. A moment to gush here, just a second. He’s pretty wonderful and truly my best friend. I had a moment this past weekend in Virginia when I just looked over at him and told him how much I love doing life with him. We have fun together annnnd I’ll end the gushing right about there.
Waiting: for direction.
Liking: who I’m becoming. This is a big deal for me, you guys. The more I learn who I am, the more I am liking it and becoming secure in that.
Wondering: how the day will unfold. Waiting to hear on some news that could be encouraging or upsetting. Prayers, please?
Loving: the fact that Fall is almost here! Okay so technically, we have two more months. Though once July is done, I feel like Fall is just around the corner. We also spotted pumpkin beer at the store. It’s a little too early for that, but it’s almost time. ALMOST.
Hoping: for good news.
Marvelling: at how God is working things out for us.
Needing: to trust more. To find joy even when things aren’t perfect. That’s a tough one.
Smelling: a clean house. Oh, thank heaven.
Wearing: black + white + stripes.
Following: the sound of Nola’s footsteps to make sure she’s not getting herself into trouble. This usually involves an open bedroom door and rogue socks.
Noticing: how much my faith has grown.
Knowing: that I still have a long way to go.
Thinking: about the future.
Feeling: the need to be more present in the present.
Bookmarking: images that feed my soul and inspire me.
Opening: more “add new post” pages this week than I have in quite a few and it’s feeling really good.
Giggling: with my husband who just finished a huge, ongoing project at work and now I feel like I have him back.
Feeling: anxious, excited, hopeful, heavy and light. All at once.


I love posts like this on other blogs, so I thought I would do one of these every month. I found it on Pip’s blog via Sydney.

Pinned . 01

posted on: Wednesday, July 23, 2014


[No Solo Moda]




[Ciera Design]


[Kitchen Treaty]



This is going to sound like an over-dramatization, but I’m being completely serious when I say that Pinterest changed my life. I know that, for many people, scanning Pinterest boards can cause discontent. For me, that’s not the case. Okay, sure, it would be lovely if my life looked more like some of these images, but it inspires me to make my life more beautiful. A few months ago, it hit me that Pinterest really helped me discover my style.

When I first started pinning, it was a mix of various things, but nothing very cohesive. I pinned things here and there that I thought other people would think were great, not just what I thought was great. This is sort of how I had lived life before and my style reflected that. Not cohesive, not comfortable, not me. I had trouble knowing who I was, because I thought I was supposed to be a certain way. This changed pretty quickly as I spent more time on Pinterest and I began finding myself drawn to things that all had a cohesive feel. I could see, right there on my page, my style evolving and finally settling into a collection that really felt like me.

I really love my Pinterest time. I find myself on there mostly at night, while I’m trying to fall asleep, or first thing in the morning. It’s relaxing, my version of counting sheep, I suppose. Also, side note, my Pinterest boards are more organized than most things in my life.

So, that’s how this series was born. I’m going to be sharing my favorite pins once a week on here and hopefully, you’ll find yourself as inspired as I am.

P.S. You can find me here on Pinterest.

virginia is for…

posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this weekend is one I look forward to every year. As it usually goes, we drive the 4 1/2 hours up to Virginia, spend Friday night at a beautiful winery listening to my very talented father-in-law play music as the sun goes down and then spend time exploring the area with family the next day and a half. It’s a set getaway each year and one so desperately needed in the middle of the craziness that is life right now.

This time (for the first time) we had both dogs in tow, sans crates (hallelujah amen). We also stopped for homemade donuts, so perhaps they are good luck charms in the road trip-detour sense. Saturday, we also managed to get ourselves to downtown Staunton for their farmer’s market and it was wonderful. We usually end up in places with quaint farmer’s markets just as they are packing up for the weekend, so this felt like quite the win (and I have the most beautiful little carton of cherry tomatoes to prove it). Sunday included us struggling to train our dogs to NOT pull on their leashes in Charlottesville. That was not quite the win, except Nola seems pretty chill in that pic above. Don’t let us fool you, this was a split-second calm.

Anyway, it must be said that I left this weekend feeling grateful. Grateful for my family, grateful for Adam, grateful for adventures, grateful for getaways both long and short and grateful for Virginia (oh..and wine, of course).


Our Virginia trip the past few years:

Year 1 // Year 2 // Year 3

When the in-laws were in town.

posted on: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This past weekend my in-laws came into town to stay with us for a few days. They’re pretty much amazing and we love getting to spend time with them whenever we can. They usually come stay with us around this time for a few days. Every third weekend in July, we head to Virginia for a weekend away in the Shenandoah Valley. My father-in-law plays at a winery there every year, so we’ve made it a summer tradition to take a weekend off and roadtrip our way up to VA. I am itching to get out of Charlotte for a few days so I can’t wait to take off on Friday.

So! Some iPhone photos I snapped from this weekend? Sure thing!


A game of Scrabble. We started out strong, as you can see.

Gelato from a new (and quite authentic) gelato shop near our place. This is a dangerous new development.


My aunt and cousin from California had a layover in Charlotte for a few hours, so my mom and sister came into town with my nephew to see them. He is cute, this I know.

On our way to dinner to celebrate my in-laws 39th anniversary. I am ready all too ready to wear boots again.

And more board games, because you can’t take us anywhere.