posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2016

Roasted Bananas on The Girl and The Good


Okay, so that may not seem like much of anything, but these are roasted bananas over ice cream and this, well, is not so much a recipe as it is a public service announcement. Roasted bananas will change your life. I mean, if you like bananas that is. If you don’t like bananas, I still love you (I don’t get you, but I love you) and I say this with all of that love behind it: this post isn’t for you.

Here’s how it goes down: First, you preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Then, you take a banana, slice in half long-ways and place on foil. Place that into the oven with or without a baking sheet under it. I usually just place the foil right on the rack but, hey, you do you! Bake for 6-10 minutes, depending on how tender you want those bananas, just make sure they are heated all the way through. Yes, you can microwave it, but it dries the banana out a bit more and is not quite as incredible. Go oven or go home.

Then, proceed to place said bananas on top of vanilla ice cream. Ohhh or maybe cinnamon ice cream! Crap, you guys, salted caramel ice cream?! Holy hell! With whipped cream? I need to stop. Or, for a much healthier version, you can do as my husband did during our elimination diet (the handsome genius that he is) and just serve them on a plate and drizzled with almond butter (or peanut butter) and walnuts or your nuts of choice (great band name). I’ve done that and added chia seeds for crunch with a little dried, unsweetened coconut. You can even top your oatmeal with these for breakfast. The possibilities are endless! It can be a healthy dessert on its own or a topping to add to your indulgences (or oats). On that note, this PSA is now complete. Report back, troops!


posted on: Wednesday, March 23, 2016


[A faint view of Manhattan from the plane]

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing in our excitement with us on the big move! We joke that we’re slowly making our way up north after moving here to Charlotte from Florida almost five years ago. Thankfully, we’d prefer to experience a true four seasons, so the change in weather won’t be a disappointment in the slightest. And yes, I would’ve loved to have been there this weekend when snowflakes fell on the first day of spring, but I digress…

I guess this move really started back in 2013 during this trip to DC. There was a moment, over dinner with Adam, when it hit me that Charlotte didn’t feel quite right for us. We had been living here for almost two years at that point and it still didn’t feel like home. I spoke those words out loud and, to my surprise (and probably to Adam’s as well) he agreed. We didn’t know if we’d ever actually move out of Charlotte, but we knew we weren’t ready to commit and buy a home here. We didn’t know if it would take a while longer to feel settled, but two years! Though I didn’t say the following words to Adam for a few more weeks, it seemed that just being in DC that trip made my dreams of living in a big city come back to life.

It took three  l o n g  years to get to this point. This has been a marathon, not a sprint as they say, and a decision we have been working our way towards for a long time. It’s also one that we haven’t taken lightly in the process. The first year was mostly me waiting and seeing if Adam would come to feel the same way. I didn’t want to force him on the move. I mean, it’s a hard place to live even for those who love it, but I knew it usually took him a while to come to big decisions (thank goodness I married my opposite). I prayed about it often and knew that if we were meant to live in NYC, Adam would not only agree, but also be excited about it. That’s just how it had to be for any of this to work. Well, at this point he’s more than antsy to get up there as well and, through our handful of trips in the last few years, has fallen in love with the city.

Still, even when I knew we would end up in NYC, I had some anxiety (no matter how much you hope for a big change, it’s still scary), but most of that anxiety has now fallen away to a sense of peace and excitement. We still have a little more than four more months to go but, let’s be honest, I’d move yesterday if I could.

I’m writing up a few more posts with specific details on our move and would love to know if you have any questions! Whether it’s about our move specifically or moving to NYC in general. I’ll be documenting the process of our moving up there as things progress because, I mean, I know I’ve been super curious on how a move to NYC works. I’m excited to document it all. From what I hear, apartment hunting is a breeze! So fun! Two thumbs (and all the eye rolls) up!

A big change, a new adventure

posted on: Friday, March 4, 2016

Moving to NYC

We’ve had some news to share for a while and I’ve been so anxious to tell everyone about it, but we kept it close for a long time. Now seems like the perfect time to announce a new adventure we’ll be embarking on this summer. The adventure? We’re moving to NYC!

I could write a novel right now about it, and it’s tempting, but we are actually here in the city for a few days on a quick vacation and I don’t want to waste a moment of it. I’ll post more about the move soon. Until then, we’re off to celebrate announcing our big news in the city we’ll soon call home! AH!

Anything Is Possible

posted on: Monday, February 22, 2016


Food for thought, huh? It’s Monday and, well, let’s face it, it feels like a Monday. Here in Charlotte, the skies are blurred with dark clouds making my eyes heavy, proving difficult to open and the fun of the weekend is wearing away as we get started on the path of a new week. Some of us start off feeling ready for a new week, a clean slate, nothing but possibilities ahead of us. Then again, many of us are stuck and can’t seem to move in a direction. I’m somewhere in the middle.

It got me thinking, though, that maybe we decide today to turn the tables on our thoughts and dig deep inside ourselves to find that voice we once heard loud and clear when we were children and reawaken the dreams we once thought impossible. Because maybe they are possible and maybe we could be whoever it is we want to be. Maybe time doesn’t matter, because no matter how long it takes, the time will pass anyway and everything all of those inspiring Pinterest quotes tell us.

I’ve had that voice inside me get louder and louder recently and suddenly it doesn’t feel so impossible. Call it silly or naive, if you must. Go right ahead, I wouldn’t blame you. Then again, I’m a relentless and passionately stubborn dreamer, ready to release the breaks I put on my dreams so long ago. God has spoken them back into my heart and I’m ready to listen. I’m finally ready to be brave. It may not work out, that flame may be snuffed out for good and the dream may just become a memory, but at least I would given it a try, right? At least I won’t have to ask myself that heart-wrenching question, “what if?” and it will be out of my system. Maybe it will lead to a different dream realized and will lead me down a path I was meant to be all along, even if I can’t see the direction quite yet. Or maybe something more will happen. Maybe my big, crazy, scary dream will come true. It’s worth a shot, after all.

It only took 28 years, but I’m finally ready to listen and I’m ready to work for it and fight for myself and my dreams. Are you?