posted on: Thursday, August 27, 2015

UntitledMe, in happier times, with eyeliner.

I lost my eyeliner brush.

Yep, I lost it. I use it every single day and suddenly, it’s gone. This is not of any significance whatsoever, except to say that I have spent (at least) thirty minutes of my day pulling everything out of my bathroom cabinets trying to find this one tiny, allusive brush. I can’t sit down and completely focus on my business for thirty minutes at a time, but for this stupid brush I will be so laser-focused and thorough in the hunt. I’m talking THOROUGH. My bathroom cabinets have never been so neat. It’s maddening, really. Although, in reality, it’s not at all. It shouldn’t be. But, crap! Where did that brush go?

I asked Adam if he knew where it was and he responded, “No, I’m not secretly adding eyeliner at work.” I then clarified that I had asked him just in case he had seen it and put it somewhere. To which he responded, “Oh, I put it somewhere.” and included a photo of a dude wearing eyeliner.

My husband, ladies and gents.

A New Chapter

posted on: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

IMG_1514 copy

This week is moving week. Did I mention that we were moving? We found a beautiful apartment in our favorite neighborhood in Charlotte and spent Monday moving things from the old place. Oh, that old place. Back in 2011 when we first moved here, we took the first house we looked at because we had two weeks to move our lives from Orlando. It was good enough. I always expected that we would move after a year or two, but four years later and we finally made the move. Words can’t describe how happy I am to live in a more walkable neighborhood and to be able to see the Charlotte skyline just steps outside of our new place. It does magical things for my soul, I tell you what.

We actually downsized our square footage by HALF. Yes, half. If I live in a more walkable neighborhood, I don’t need as much space, especially if that space is bright and beautiful. Simplifying our lives is something I have wanted to do for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. The amount of STUFF we cleared out blew my mind a bit, but it’s such a relief to be rid of so much.

There are still boxes gathered in our tiny new space and we’re using lawn chairs as furniture because our sofa won’t arrive for another five weeks, but I’m so happy. So, so happy. I feel so much lighter and incredibly inspired already and we’ve only been here for 48 hours.

A new chapter is just beginning, is the long and short of it. The last chapter of our lives felt like it dragged on for a bit too long, you know? Like a television series that should have ended long before it actually did, but forced out a few more to milk it as long as possible and you think, “this show should have ended three seasons ago.” We needed this new chapter more than anyone will ever really understand, more than I even realized, and it has finally arrived.

So, here’s to simplifying, the beginning of new chapters, and empty boxes. Cheers!

Migrating South For The Weekend

posted on: Friday, June 26, 2015


This weekend, Adam and I are packing up the pups and our bags and are heading a couple of hours south to a new little town that my mom and step-dad just moved to in South Carolina. They’ve been there for a month or so now and it’s about time we get ourselves down there and do a little exploring. We’re planning on heading to the beach but, you know, just to look. Too many sharks in the water for this beach-loving lady.

Anyway, you will be able to follow along with our grand adventure on Snapchat. That’s right, I, very hesitantly, joined Snapchat back in April and then quickly became obsessed with it. Ob-sessed. If you’re over there and would like to give my Snaps a try, you can do just that by following iamkatyhill.

Side note: The lovely Heather gave my Snapchat and Instagram accounts a little shout out this week and it absolutely made my day. Thank you, Heather!

Time to get the car packed up and head on out for the weekend. I hope you all have a most wonderful one ahead of you.

Some Days

posted on: Wednesday, June 24, 2015

IMG_1577 copy
IMG_1499 copy
IMG_1560 copy

Some days, when you have more energy than normal (without caffeine for the assist), and you’re having a good hair day, and the light is coming through the curtains just so, and you’re wearing one of your favorite tops, you might be inspired and might choose to take advantage of the gorgeous afternoon sun pouring through the window, just as I did. It was a good day.

I’ve been wanting to try lifestyle photography and decided to take advantage of the setting. The graininess of a high ISO and a willing model (HI). They say the only way to get better is to practice and play around, right? Well this was my kind of play, and I loved it.

IMG_1536 copy